Saturday, November 5, 2016

Knowing Oneness...

Knowing Oneness

desire cries in our world of suffering..
lives seemingly and obviously
split and fragmented..
do we suspect that a larger secret
might reveal an illusion..?
our thoughts of Oneness conspire to confuse
and our perceptions confirm a blaring multiplicity..  
let us try something new:
a walk in the woods
a sit on a bench
welcome those thoughts and perceptions
in their rising and exits
all within indescribable Oneness..
And then please note:
Oneness of a sudden makes appearance
as surprising fragments of joy...

(with appreciation to Tony Parsons..!)

 ~~~Tony Parsons

All there is is this . . .and that . . . 
                        the one appearing as two
                        nothing appearing as everything
                        the absolute appearing as the particular
                        emptiness appearing as fullness
                        the uncaused appearing as the caused
                        unicity appearing as separation
                        subject appearing as object
                        the singular appearing as plurality
                        the impersonal appearing as the personal
                        the unknown appearing as the known 
                        It is silence sounding and stillness moving and these
                        words appearing as pointers to the wordless 
                                                . . .and yet nothing is happening 

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