Monday, November 28, 2016


How iPhone photography will change your life

Hi Charles,

Maybe you feel like you have nothing to take photos of where you live.

Or that other photographers are lucky because they live in a more beautiful area.

And that makes sense. Because I used to feel exactly the same.

But as my iPhone photography continued to improve, I realized that there are excellent photo opportunities no matter where you live. And your job is to recognize these opportunities.

I know this because I've had the pleasure of judging several iPhone photography contests with thousands of entries from all around the world. These contests had photos from Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge, Glaciers of Iceland, Fjords of Norway, the Alps, Eiffel Tower and more...

But surprisingly, the best photos in these contests were not shot at famous landmarks. It was the creativity of the photographer, and not the scene itself, that made these photos great.

So it doesn't matter if you live in the middle of nowhere - or in a huge metropolitan city.

Because with the right knowledge, anyone can take excellent iPhone photos.

And as your iPhone photography continues to improve, you'll start seeing photo opportunities that other photographers don't even recognize... And they will be surprised that you can take such interesting photos in ordinary places where they see nothing to take photos of.

But even more importantly, something else is going to change...

When you grow as a photographer, you'll also start seeing the world differently.

You'll start seeing things that other people miss...

And you'll start appreciating beauty in the world that you didn't even know existed...

The things that you take for granted now - such as your daily commute - will turn into an exciting adventure as you start recognizing the beauty in the world all around you.

And that's why we love our work at iPhone Photography School so much.

We don't just teach iPhone photography. We give our students a whole new way of living.

Best Regards, 

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