Monday, February 1, 2016

a concern over time

a concern over time

the concern over
melting of clocks
upon which we depend
securing our separated lives..
we reach for accuracy
made of vibrations
of those atoms of matter..
if we remove the matter
which has never been found
we are left with vibrations
not localized anymore..
and we might assume
our thoughts of separation
may also depart
revealing the reality
that has been present
all along...!

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced a crash program to invent miniature advanced atomic clocks that reflects growing worries about the vulnerability of Air Force Space Command's GPS satellites.

"Among their myriad potential advantages, better clocks could reduce one of the more worrisome modern-day national security vulnerabilities: a deep and growing dependence on the Global Positioning System," DARPA said in a news release.

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