Saturday, January 2, 2016

Birds of Appetite

“The tragedy is that our consciousness is totally alienated from this inmost ground of our identity.  And in Christian mystical tradition, this inner split is the real meaning of ‘original sin’”

“Man needs to find ultimate sense here and now in the ordinary humble tasks and human problems of every day.”

“Man’s need for a whole and integral experience of his own self on all its levels, bodily as well as imaginative, emotional, intellectual, spiritual.  There is no place for the cultivation of one part of human consciousness, one aspect of human experience, at the expense of others, even on the pretext that what is cultivated is sacred and all the rest profane.  A false and divisive ‘sacredness’ or ‘supernaturalism’ can only cripple man.”

“But the chief experience of Zen is that it rejects all these systematic elaborations in order to get back, as far as possible, to the pure unarticulated and unexplained ground of direct experience.  The direct experience of what?  Life itself.  What it means that I exist, that I live: who is this ‘I’ that exists and lives?  What is the difference between an authentic and an illusory awareness of the self that exists and lives?  What are and are not the basic facts of existence?”

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