Thursday, October 8, 2015



There are levels
and our egos desire
to occupy each and all..
Awakening to grace
welcomes ego's reach
but as the moth's fire
dooms the ego's search
with a burning
and a realization
of its illusion of

The ego views "understanding" on the personal level, as the ability to listen clearly to what someone is saying, or, conversely, as the need to be heard clearly by others. The grace of Understanding, in contrast, grants us the capacity to transcend matters transpiring at the personal level. This grace opens our capacity to see beyond the illusion of a circumstance and understand the deeper truth of what is really taking place.

Like all graces, Understanding and its fruit, common sense, are not self-serving, but elicit your capacity to serve others. They are forces that rebuild your life so that you can help others heal. There is no end to the influence a grace can have on your life, but no grace can be commanded. You invoke its power through prayer, and it is released into your life to penetrate your situation, not to make the situation go away but to heighten your spiritual senses in response.

Caroline Myss

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