Saturday, November 29, 2014


"Awareness is radically inseparable from everything that arises in awareness. And so, it’s not awareness OF thoughts – awareness IS thoughts. It’s not awareness OF pain, pain is saturated with awareness, it is made of awareness, it is awareness. 
Every wave is 'made of' the ocean, so to speak, and so in the end you can’t even speak about the 'waves and the ocean' at all. You can’t even speak about awareness and 'everything that appears in awareness'. But perhaps it’s a useful, temporary metaphor, to point to the deeper understanding ... that the recognition of wisdom, of clarity, is totally incomplete without the recognition of love, of compassion. Really they’re inseparable, love and wisdom, heart and mind, nonduality and duality, the human and the divine, the absolute and the relative. However you say it – it all points to the inescapable fact that every thought, every sensation, every feeling, however uncomfortable, however intense, however unexpected, is welcome in you!
You are the capacity for it all. You are the room for the unloved ones. You are the home for the homeless, the uncontained container...
It is this radical embrace which we have always sought, beyond all ideas of awakening and enlightenment and trying to be free. 
It is what I call The Deepest Acceptance - not the acceptance that you do, but the acceptance that you already are..."
~Jeff Foster

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