Thursday, August 14, 2014


Spiritual Living

Broadmoor Community Church
315 Lake Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Mission

The Center for Spiritual Living at Broadmoor Community Church seeks to create a welcoming space for holistic, life-long spiritual development and personal growth. With reverence for human spiritual longing, nature, the arts, sacred texts, dialogue and diversity, The Center provides experiences, classes, retreats, spiritual direction and coaching.
We invite all people to join us as we seek to understand what it means to become more fully aware of our spiritual identities, and to provide opportunities and assistance for those seeking a personal path of discovery and enrichment, joy and peace for body, mind and soul.

The CENTER is now in a formative stage, and we wish to offer an invitation. to the community and to the congregation, to ask questions and make suggestions relating to The Mission stated above.  The role of the church within the community is expected to continue to be seriously challenged to provide varying and imaginative new opportunities for spiritual practice and growth. 

Following are names of members of a group which is now working to define new approaches to meeting these needs of individuals and the community: Charlie Coon, Gary Foote, Tom Hurley, Eric Leeper, Thelma Peck, and Tom Stella.  These individuals may be contacted directly (see reverse). 

Please join us in this important 

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