Sunday, August 10, 2014

STRETCH in Non-Duality..!

STRETCH in Non-Duality..!!

August 11, 2014

We spend our lives assuming [without question] that life is made of separate people and things. In this separation, we feel “cut off” from one another. We also feel “cut off” from true happiness and contentment. This leads us to seek this contentment in the future. We try everything including therapy, relationships, material success, self-help programs, career advancements, religion, drugs and much more.

The message of nonduality is that the true nature of reality is non-dual. Non-duality simply means “not two” (i.e. that there is no separation in life). It is only our over-reliance on the mind or dualistic thought that makes it seem as if things exist separately. Nondual teachings invite us to see that we are not separate people. We are not “cut off” from life and from others. In this realization, our seeking ends. Our conflict with each other is seen through. Through this realization, we live life totally in the simplicity and wonder of the present moment. We no longer have to constantly scan the past for our identity and search into the future to chase our happiness.

Non-dual teachings have been around for thousands of years. They are the basis for some of the world’s major religions. At the moment, it seems the message of non-duality is breaking free from its religious history. It is being re-invented, translated, and adapted into really straightforward and simple language. The new teachings are making non-duality available to many people who would not have otherwise heard the message.

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