Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Amazon review of Rupert Spira, PRESENCE, The Intimacy of All Experience

 Amazon review:

This is a beautiful book...  Simple and profound..!  By exploring the relationships between Awareness (and synonymous terms, such as Consciousness) and the Separate Self, Rupert Spira has written one of the most significant spiritual books of our time. Each chapter might serve as a meditation, and his writing encourages Experiential Learning in a most skillful way. His background in Advaita (Non-Dualism) supports his wonderful writing.  This book, and others by Rupert, are the healing understanding for a culture which is immersed in life as a Separate Self.  He also clearly describes various ways in which the Non-Dual understanding can be distorted and misused.  Five Stars are inadequate to Proclaim the importance of this writing for Now and the future..
Thank you, Rupert..!!

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