Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Plain

The Plain

Looking back at
youth's energy field..
the formative Plain
belongs to him
and to me..
There penetrating
notes and words
imagine each day
a long gray line..
Songs instilled then
 return often in
memory's moments..
an entanglement
Plain and cadet
a grip and
a far off hold..

A grip of 
youthful strength
courage in war.. 
the Plain's gift
sustains special
through earthly life..
Also are found
in lurking shadows
voices crying out
for new resolution
new perspectives
longings of 
advancing years..

A new journey
not to the Plain..
a road of ascent
a path resurrecting..
with signpost mottos
to remind and replace
those cased in gold..
Now with pause
a glance backward
in joy reveals
new Clarity of that
formative field..
the Plain's shadow
grips and holds..
grounding a 
dim yet searching
 inner light...

for Paul
and for me

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