Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swiss rifles and bayonets

Swiss rifles and bayonets

no poetry
he said
but guns today..
a friend's fixation
military weapons
Swiss are these:
famous Schmidt-Rubin group
Model 1911 infantry rifle
Model 1911 carbine
and others..
Now for bayonets:
Model 1914 Pioneer 
(awesome he exclaims..!)
Model 1918
(zzzzzingg when from 
scabbard pulled..!)
weapons sound of
craftsmanship unbound..!
Enough for you
my dear reader..?

Swiss are these
to him they please..
This poem a
difficult write..
so did a quick
Google meander..
other things Swiss
Superlative chronometer
and famous knife..
Also that forced
proclivity to neutrality..
There Quality wins
 gross quantity limps..
In modern tongue
right brain and left
that Neutral center 
 Quality again..!
So might we pause 
 admire Greg's guns
with some spin...?

this will have to do,
Greg..!  :)

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