Thursday, June 27, 2013

an Orgasmic burst

an Orgasmic burst

of flavor
in an A-ha moment..
at these differences
we smile.. :)
fractals are about
similarity and difference..
connectedness rules..

Let us inquire 
of the similarity
in the bursts above..
all similarities 
 find Torus shape..
Torus is formula
 iterating creating all
differences we find..

On a vertical column
curved surface surrounds
a hidden black hole..
at a Point
 black hole turns white..
now our bursts
all are as One..!

The Torus needs
 motivation to move
arousal and stimulation
below and above..
all this Similarity
iterates the differences
so striking we see..

More differences now:
 succulent juices
pulses and flow
DMT liquid light..
all these differences..
we smile again.. :)

OK, Mae...

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