Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Writing with Cranes

an empty white page
begins this recording 
a writing exercise..
 cold winter morning
9:47 AM overcast
snow to come..
standing eyes closed in
 a dampened grass field..

lost eyesight gave way
to memory and
to senses remaining..
this spring migration
filled imaginations..
long beaks search 
hidden insects within
a spongy earth..

cottonwoods wind-sheared
their vertical height
constricted and flattened
earth's jealous limits..
then we heard
a distinct high voice
the krrrh ascending
 our perspectives reversed..

 a singular high place
 a timeless hovering 
 distant fields imagined
those earthen limits..
wings now extending
with expansive strength..
 then remembering our
 Shivering Discomfort..!

to sheltered warmth
we now fled...

With appreciation
 for writer
Susan J. Tweit
and her lesson at 
the Crane Festival,
San Luis Valley,

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