Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mr. Dawkins' vessel

life can overwhelm
our brains soon stall
overloaded with that
confusion out there..
changes and edges
these matter most..
in natural selection
differences do rule..
 patterns repeating 
must be discarded
same old sameness..
survival succeeds
his elegant view..

thus a long chapter
bringing this day..
has time now arrived
to finally meet those
 patterns of old..?
patterns most humble
enfolding of change..
 fiercely holistic and
formed as images
in many dimensions..
their sharp message:
sorry.. without us
nothing would be...

this is based on
Richard Dawkins,
"Redundancy Reduction
and Pattern Recognition"
easily found on Google..
I hope my reading
is reasonably accurate..
if not, apologies to Mr. D..!

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