Tuesday, July 3, 2012


by charles coon
the modern ills we face
all have ancient roots
back to one old Tree
a Tree of this and that..

from the Tree a virus spread
with special virulence now..
anxious ills and worry
fueled by this and that..

few seem to know
a medicine is extant
and really here closeby..
yet mysteriously hidden
alas..in our plain sight..

a preliminary dose
is a simple location..
to find a bit of this in that
and that in this..

a spoonful will send us
on our way..
a transforming surprise
an immunizing gift..

a gift when recognized
clothes armor to confront
new dark incursions
of the virus we now name
our familiar this and that..

yet now we might be offered
a second dose
stronger than the first..
a sudden recognition
there's really More than
this and that..

this special More that
we now swallow..
a More of special beauty
enclosing only gentle hints
of our former
this and that....

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