Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the god particle

by charles coon
science today has
an announcement to make
a new particle
whose import has soared..
discovery with fanfare
rapt attention to a
divine imprimatur..

holding all together
with binding and mass
the particle's shadow
now seen..honoring
blinding acceleration paths
with furious endings in
colliding spray and crash..

science reports their
celebration's surety is
quite close to a certain 1.000..
reaching 99.9 and more
these notorious claims..
still an infinity away
others might say..

doors to questions now
swing open..
science with its symmetry
deserves accolade today..
yet is this point of arrival
one of immediate departure?
a new fork in the road?
historical discovery
of one humble particle
afloat on an edge..
unrecognized edge of
vast dimensional light?

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