Friday, July 27, 2012

palette of autumn

one fall afternoon
a downtown window display
a painting they glimpsed
with striking red leaves..
newlyweds naive and frugal
contemplated this sudden
appearance of beauty..
a downtown walk to 
ownership of one
palette of autumn..

robert wood painted
simple themes
his aims.. clarity and truth..
picture postcard views
his critics complained..
all this mattered little
one autumn afternoon
their purchase marked
with sacrifice.. with joy...

the palette to be found
in honored places
 their home of these years..
years most climactic in the
world out there..
a young president's death
steps on the moon
war and protest..
red in this time often
expressed history's 
 blood.. violence.. hurt..
yet also awakenings
of lasting import..

robert wood was
loved the picturesque
and memories..
but they had moved on..
their awareness expanding
tolstoy's war and peace
a cover to cover conquest..
pithy wisdom of eric hoffer
absorbed with delight..
a growing family and
attentions refocused..
the palette became
in storage
a forgotten excess..

in its storage place
an occasional jostle
brought a new glimpse..
not to discard
at least not this time..
the palette remains
a reminder .. insight
in their now autumn years..
simplicity a name for
both love and light..
these have
hovered and joined
 through many
crowded years..

robert wood an American
impressionist painter..
critics now find
a painting life obscured..
recognition coming now
a great landscape painter
in plein air.. 
most sensitive to
in light...

a life in parallel


  1. i just bought this exact print......same frame exactly

    1. I just bought on just like this at an estate sale for 20.00 what's it worth? appeared to be old to me.