Thursday, May 9, 2024

Experience is an illusion...(Jim Newman)



Is illusory if it

Believed to be

What is happening..

Not happening as

Nothing appearing

Is unknowable..

Two stories:

Already this...

...a very simple message: that experience is an illusion. I'm talking about the experience of a contracted energy in the body that knows where and what this is, knows what's happening. The suggestion is that's illusory. Illusory in the sense that it's not happening. That experience has certain claims. It says: „I'm real, I'm in the body, what's happening is real. I know what it is. This is my life.“ That arises out of the sense that what's happening is knowable and real. But THIS is not knowable or real. The experience of knowable or real is illusory. This appearance is never knowable or real. It's never solid. It's never a part of a story that's attached to an individual. That is illusory.

~~Jim Newman

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