Monday, December 26, 2022

The thread of love...(Nancy Neithercut)

 Exploding Rainbows

Nancy Neithercut 
5.0 out of 5 stars The thread of love... 
By Charles R. Coon on March 3, 2022
Nancy is an unusual poet. It could be said that her poetry is
a reflection of what is called "non duality." However, she is
not bound to the same wordings and processes found in
modern non-duality, and prefers the sense of love as the thread
of all life. In "Just This Love" she writes: "this is a dance
without dancers... love without lovers... this infinite intimacy,
obviously without separation, without parts, without
being a thing called wholeness or one ness or any thing' at
all..." It might be said that simply absorbing her poetry,
without reference to ideas and constructs, will provide a
possibility of resonance with her message of love..which is
really the wishful goal of all searching. Nancy often refers
to a felt loss of solidity, separation, and boundaries..resulting
in a simultaneity and immediacy..and inviting participation

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