Wednesday, August 24, 2022

This terrible Love...a review...


My Amazon Review...

Yes...The terrible and the sweet!  It all feels like love.  When the 

illusion of separation ends, a newness,  a " non duality dreamlife"

 unfolds.  This is the beauty which lies at the core of  this exciting 

new book by Miranda Warren.  Miranda is a young woman who 

"awakened" to non-duality in her early twenties.  It is amazing to 

contrast her experience with very many "searchers," needing

many more years for such a "shift of perception."    Miranda 

describes her early experience, with a particular teacheras an

immediate appreciation for  a teacher who does not promise 

false hope.  The discovery is that there is none  teaching, and 

no one being taught.  No separation at all!   Just life and the 

wind speaking..! Miranda says she felt as if "the ship hit an 

iceberg, the asteroid smashes into the earth, and something 

changes forever."  There was the realization that just removing the 

"3D glasses," which all of us wear,  reveals the illusionary nature 

of separation.  This book is her description of the life experiences 

(a non duality dreamlife) of Miranda as a dancer,  retreat 

facilitator, and friend of a cow (!),  as well as her relationships 

with "others,"  including her parents.    Exquisite writing which

may inspire many...

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