Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Awakening of Suzanne Segal...


The Awakening of Suzanne Segal

"I lifted my right foot to step up into the bus and collided head on with an invisible force that entered my awareness like a silently exploding stick of dynamite blowing the door of my usual consciousness open and off its hinges, splitting me in two. In the gaping space that appeared, what I had previously called "me" was forcefully pushed out of its usual location inside me into a new location that was approximately a foot behind and to the left of my head. "I" was now behind my body, looking out at the world without using the body's eyes."

"Instead of experiencing through the physical senses, I was bobbing behind the body like a buoy at sea, cut loose from sensory solidity, separated from and witnessing the body from a vast distance."

"I moved down the street like a cloud of awareness following a body that seemed simultaneously familiar and foreign. There was an incomprehensible attachment to that body, although it no longer felt like "mine"."

"In the midst of a particularly eventful week, I was driving north to meet some friends when I suddenly became aware that I was driving through myself. For years there had been no self at all, yet here on this road everything was myself, and I was driving through me to arrive where I already was. In essence, I was going nowhere because I was everywhere already. The infinite emptiness I knew myself to be was now apparent as the infinite substance of everything I saw.

Everything seemed much more fluent to me. The mountains, trees, rocks, birds, and the sky had lost their differences."

"When asked who I am,

the only answer possible is:

I am the infinite, the vastness

that is the substance of all things.

I am no one and everyone,

nothing and everything,

just as you are."

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