Monday, May 9, 2022

What already is...Nathan Gill


"The allowing of life as it is – rather than any efforts to be rid of thought or ‘I’, or to become ‘enlightened’ – allows seeking to fall naturally away. Within the play, all efforts to be rid of ‘I’ merely reinforce identification with it.

You are Consciousness. Whatever Your present appearance, it is already perfect, including any play of identification as ‘I’, and also any seeking to be rid of ‘I’. Life as the character is simply the play of appearances in awareness and has no requirement for awakening. There is only already awakeness.

What Already Is

What is, right now, is perfection – presence has not arisen from the past and is not leading to the future. All appears presently as a play in awareness.

The apparently separate individual may be involved with self-improvement, spiritual life or anything else throughout the unfolding of that life. But only the clarity of what You really are undermines the search for awakening or for being anything other than what already is.

This communication about clarity has no particular relevance or significance over any other part of the play. It carries no merit and has no point. There is no purpose for You to find Yourself.

The Play of Life

The whole play has no purpose or point beyond present appearance.

It is Your cosmic entertainment. You are Your play. It has no

existence separate from You.

What has been sought all along is found to be none other than this which is the seeking. The ultimate goal or prize turns out to be what already is. There is nothing and no one to find. There is awareness with no one being aware."

Nathan Gill~

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