Wednesday, June 23, 2021




Is said to be indescribable..

Elaborators say it is spontaneously

Everything..without time and space

Without beginning and end..and it

Is nothing appearing to no one..

All of these words flailing around to

Dress up another little word..This..

And it does need dressing..This seems

To be something close-in like this 

Keyboard and screen..there must be

A better word..but for now such does

Not seem to pop out..and there seem to

Be many who are happy with

Let's be happy for a while..

As while expires..we can recognize This as 

A thought and that thought floats by followed 

By thoughts of  finger dances on a keyboard

Or wind softly dripping from the rooftop

Or of light sounding as an auto's blare..

This..may have just fallen into disuse

Or not...


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