Saturday, November 2, 2019

Our own Knowing

Our own Knowing

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Sometimes I get criticized for nearly demanding that people speak from their own knowledge rather than quote teachers and sages. Someone might get the sense that I'm "against" teachers, gurus, sages. I'm not against anyone as much as I'm in favour of people getting in touch with their own knowing.

Paracelsus said as much back in the 1500s:

"A man must above all be in possession of that faculty which is called Intuition, and which cannot be acquired by blindly following the footsteps of another. He must be able to see his own way. What others may teach you may assist you in your search for knowledge, but you should be able to think for yourself, and not cling to the coat-tail of any authority, no matter how big-sounding the title of the latter may be."

As Paracelsus says, the teachers assist us. That's why we read their books, watch their videos, and go visit them. That may be the most and best they can do.

If the teacher claims to do more than that, or if he or she denigrates and diminishes your own knowing, or if the teacher possesses no lightness or humour, or if the teacher refuses to acknowledge that you yourself hold the holy grail, you are involved with a bad teacher or guru.
~~Jerry Katz

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