Saturday, November 23, 2019

Mind's Difficulties

Mind's Difficulties

Everything is holy..
Everything..we ask..?
And the ego asserts
With memories of horror
Tales of fear and
And we hesitate and
Embolden exceptions
Seeming to deny that
Everything is..

Awaiting Recognition
Of Grace...

"Everything is holy. Everything is sacred. Do not believe that some things are sacred and some things are not. Everything is sacred, even man's inhumanity to man, the dastardly situations that appear in the world. It is hard for the human mind to understand these things, but everything is very sacred, everything is God. 
God is all there is, there's nothing else. So how can there be an evil situation someplace and also be God. This is duality, and we know and understand that duality does not exist. There is only the one, and the one is everything that exists. You consequently have to start feeling this in your heart, that your heart center is omnipresence, all-pervading, it includes the whole universe."
~ Robert Adams (20th century American Advaita mystic)

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