Sunday, June 2, 2019

Journeys..June, 2019

It seems there are many journeys...  
There are journeys in which we observe the 
world from conventional windows of body and mind.  
There is a unique journey which involves recognition
that my old belief in a separate and independent
body and mind does not define what I am.  Also..
to discover that this belief is the root of my suffering.
This unique journey, the Direct Path, belongs to 
the experience of Non-Duality, with two apparent 
paths:  Inward and Outward.  Inwardly, 
we recognize our real Home and True Nature.
Outwardly, we "return" to the world for 
 realignment and an important

"I’ve gained deeper understanding listening to Rupert Spira than I have from any other exponent of modern spirituality. Reality is sending us a message we desperately need to hear, and at this moment no messenger surpasses Spira and the transformative words in his essays."
~ Deepak Chopra

"Honestly, connect with your own experience of awareness itself. It is beyond poetry. Don't merely connect with a teacher's beautiful and poetic claim that you are in truth awareness itself, as it is only poetry. Yes, it's fine that way, but it's not enough. Don't crave to see your teacher. See yourself."

~~Writing & photography by Jerry Katz

Tom Stella interview: on Finding God Beyond Religion

my Amazon progress

This is a most important piece of writing! 
More than a book on religion, Tom Stella  invites the 
reader to direct their attention inward, and discover 
something precious..amazingly, something which has 
always been available.  
It is Experiential!  

If you can find what is offered in Tom's writings 
(this is one of four books which are available on Amazon, 
and elsewhere) in your religion, you are indeed fortunate.  
You may also be a rarity.

My interest in things spiritual is currently informed by 
the teachings of Non-Duality, particularly those teachings 
which have been translated from Eastern sources into 
the languages of the West.  I also call myself Christian, 
but use that label in a way that may not be well aligned 
with some of the beliefs of  mainline Christianity. I find
much congruence with Tom's writings.

In her Forward, The Rev. Canon Marianne Wells Borg,
(wife of the late Marcus Borg) writes that it is time for a 
new aggiornamentoor a "bringing up to date" issues 
of prayer, belief, the Bible, morality, the problem of evil, 
and the mission of the church--issues which underly 
and organize Tom's timely book.  He is, in short,  
defining a new paradigm for religion and spirituality
in our era.

In matters of religion and spirituality, it seems that 
we have a choice in adhering to beliefs, or to experience. 
If we choose the path of experience, there is an encounter 
with that which is beyond belief, Beyond Religion--the 
perennial source of all religion, and the essence of our
own spiritual identity. 

Hopefully, religions and individuals will be more and 
more as the prodigal, recognizing at last, their source 
or home. In the view of many careful observers, this 
recognition will be best achieved via a path of 
experience.  Finding God Beyond Religion gifts us 
with A Guide for such a path...!  

If you are ready, you will not be disappointed..!!    

(And more:  Tom's latest book, CPR for the Soul, is 
another Five Star offering..!)

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