Saturday, September 8, 2018


(below is an exchange on the
Google blog: Metaphysical Speculations)

is the use of the mind
attempting to discover what is possible
to discover..using the mind..
often there seems to be no sense
of the endeavor 
indefinitely moves 
on and on..

tries to unify the parts
assumed separated..and
we have gone many miles
as speculation lighted the way..
but we now seem to be
at the end of the road built
by speculation..
might we find futility in 
pressing on
at the end of the road...?

CC, et al,

One can be a hard-core Ontological Idealist and a practical materialist. Would not a fully-enlightened medititator who experienced a life-threatening auto accident want an ambulance to take her or him to the hospital emergency room?

I find the persistent either/or logic which is applied grandly and grandiosely across the question to be quite frustrating when, at any location less than the whole enchilada of M@L or God or the Ontological imperative, it is ALWAYS a question of both consciousness and matter and this is why Buddha offered as practical advice, The Middle Way.

I agree that matter is contained higher density consciousness. This creates confusion because to the materialist consensual mindset is looks like consciousness arises out out of matter but this false view based on the reality that matter is consciousness become and made firm into relatively stable form.


My problem with that is that there seems to be compromise to produce the middle way.  I think
that perspective is a better approach.  The materialist perspective, the predominant perspective in
science, assumes an independent reality outside of consciousness, aka duality.  The consciousness-
only perspective understands that the material outside is really inside, and actually made of
consciousness.  The appearance of things in both perspectives remains the same, but in the
c-perspective, appearance is understood as appearance, not independence...


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