Monday, September 3, 2018

Birthday time..


is simply the line we draw
in our help us explain..
(despite our real experience of
everything at once..)
how we each have a birthday..
now consider this:
without the line no birthdays
have we..!  no cake and no wishes..! 
and lost is the Happy..  :)

Birthday time..

a day of accumulation
memories and friends..
a time to discover time..

Dan and I in Cheyenne Mountain
watching satellite orbits
tried to train on the subject of time
time was not to be found..we were uneasy
no explanation would do..
we didn't figure it out..not at that time..!

in my time in Washington D. C.
my teacher of time was one Henry McIntyre
arriving at work in our little office
reading and clearing speeches and
pushing freedom of information..
Mac would start work with much hesitation
he was the Google tech..before Google time..
he was outside of in awe..

Jim Chapman was our pastor at Broadmoor Church
I assisted him in preparing Worship in Meditation thinking back..were all about time..see below.. 

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