Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Nature of Thought

The Nature of Thought 

Where does thought come from..?
Seeming to arise out of thin air
and in our lives as
 subject with object..
A nuisance sometimes
in meditation and 
interference with our sleep..
As we give thought
an identity and authority
we create a tyranny  
most difficult to overthrow..
Backing off..we notice
thoughts are alive in
time and space
but ignite and burn
in the presence of now..
Why?..presence is open and free
not knowing of constricting
time and space..
And joyously..we are always
that presence..awaiting
recognition..and a 
good night's sleep...!

Deepak and Rupert:  The Nature of Consciousness:  
Essays on the Unity of Mind and Matter

Rupert:  Thoughts and Tyranny of Separate Self

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