Friday, March 30, 2018

What is Dark Matter?

dark matter makes up the difference
say scientists in their determinations
of the extra mass needed to keep
the universe accelerating..
there is a dark matter signature
which has been applied
and has become an assumption
until now..!
one galaxy in their observation has
elected not to play..
and a paradox stands in the way
of their comfortable assumption..
perhaps we need to ask:
what is dark matter..?
we might speculate:
dark matter is not matter
but a infinite field
which molds itself from time to time
to appear as a galaxy in motion
to the scientist observing
and startled by dark matter disguises...!

"Paradoxically, the absence of dark matter in this particular stellar conglomerate also suggests that dark matter does, in fact, exist."  Check out this link:      
(Thanks, CP!!)

FB comment by Bernardo Kastrup:

"In theories proposing alternatives to dark matter, such as modifications to our understanding of gravity, whatever is mimicking the dark matter signature is not something that can be turned on or off—it should always be there. So, van Dokkum says, “by not detecting the dark matter, we actually prove it’s real.”"

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