Sunday, August 21, 2016

DHS Reunion...

Durango High School, Class of '56

a time for memories and Memorial..

September 16th, 2016

Convener:  Charlie Coon
Music: Eileen Haffey Brown
Audio/Visual and HS Tour:  Elizabeth Testa
Durango Education Foundation (DEF): Mary Kay Stewart
Photographer: Elvira England
Slide Show Producer: Penny Mannel

program flow..

(Charlie Coon)

Durango Education Foundation (DEF) Welcome
(Mary Kay Stewart)

That year, 1956
(Charlie Coon and Eileen Haffey Brown)

"The Toltec Lives"
(Charlie Coon)

Slide Show with Memorial..
(Elizabeth Testa)

A Medley of Memories
(Charlie Coon)

DHS '56... My Spiritual Musings
(Crystal Hafling Carroll)

Musical Interlude
(Eileen Haffey Brown)

How Durango remembered 
(Adrian Wade)

Ken Spalding's reflections on time
(Elaine Slade)

Sharing your Memories...

 Larry Gibble (Dorothy Eggers Glascock)
Bud Barry (Matt Martinez)
 Johnny Garcia (Leo Lloyd)
 John Hitti (John Ashback)


Moment of Silence

Closing Prayer
(Dave Folsom)

Class Photo
(Elvira England)

(Elizabeth Testa)

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  1. It is full and abundant in grace, CC. Memories in picture, word, prayer and music. Perfect poem by David Whyte. Such profound work, organization and thoughtful additions. Let's go with it.
    Jerry was to email me around now about his availability. Must call tomorrow if there is nothing from him via the computer.
    See you soon, dear friend. Gratitude abounds. ~o~