Thursday, December 31, 2015



On this
the year's ending day
our news is filled 
 documenting highlights
of diversity.. 
 Another year approaching
 its end..

Then from a friend
comes the photo above
and a question that leaps:
whether this image is
sunbreak or sunset..
we should demand 
at least for a while
to know only
this miraculous photo
images..yes.. Both..

Now returning to
what's in the news 
portraying each year
the sharp knife
of time
splitting and separating
in seeming truth..
Yet knowing now that
a most timely photo
points to our longing
to something 
we all seek...

Thanks, Elaine..

Every soul who sees this, reads this and admires all splendid gifts from above, knows the value of capturing the likes of life and creation in word, photos and friendships.
Happy New Year, Classy Mates.

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