Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prodigal hunter

Prodigal hunter

Venturing to that other land
they from a savage culture 
which gloried killing the 
noble eternal lion
and other stately beasts..
To that attraction they came
searching the land for that
which would grant a happiness
a happiness eluding them in
self-engaged lives..
Only one of the three
was to obtain the gift awaiting..
The gift of Fear.. genuine Fear
entering his self and penetrating
his wasting artificialities..
Authentic Fear
 became the key
No..more than a key
a Fear transforming..
This his glimpse of
real happiness..
Grace unveiled...

"For the first time in his life
he really felt wholly without fear.
Instead of fear he had a feeling
of definite elation."

"Macomber felt a wild unreasonable
happiness that he had never known

"Macomber's face was shining."

from Ernest Hemingway's
"The Short Happy Life of
Francis Macomber

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