Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dance of Being

In reality there are no polar-opposites; duality and contrast are of the mind only and not of reality.

Language and concepts are utterly compelling, so much so that we might find ourselves desperately pursuing some spurious 'oneness' in an attempt to move away from life's conceptual opposites. But we fail to realise that 'oneness' is yet another part of a pair: 'oneness' requires 'twoness' in order to apparently exist. Both counterparts are extremes, and extremism will always bring with it much pain.

Instead, without intellectual effort, we might find ourselves naturally walking the sublime space of equilibrium. A placeless space where every life expression arises and dissolves, where all is lovingly held and released in what you are, where opposition (however extreme) is seen to be a wondrously balanced dance of being.

~ Ha Chi Ming

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