Sunday, September 7, 2014

Not Two

Not Two

we have always
searched and found 
but in our age
Advaita is rising..
rising with questions
what where and when
attempts to locate
that illusive "I"..
the mind explores
in familiar haunts
but energy flags..
this good news:
the search failed
not finding
is finding..
and the prize
Not Two...

a response on

Hello Poetry website:

Yes, very much Charles
now the physicists say that the universe is a projection like hologram, in fact two dimensional, like the world we see
within a TV program, but the resolution is so fine to create
the illusion.What does it mean?In one moment the universe could be switched off(no burden of removing the debris!)
So all we see is the projection of one real source, located in eternity.. there is no continuous flow of consciousness, that has no beginning or end..
Just imagine the poetic beauty of it..everything is one eternal present moment...God,human and every other imaginable/unimaginable thing roll in to one..
Thank you Charles

K Balachandran

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