Thursday, May 22, 2014


Amazon Review:

This is a significant book published in a time of much interest in the topic of
afterlife.  The value of the book lies in Ann Frazier West's consideration of afterlife
from two perspectives:  Her own experiences relating to three personally significant
persons who have made "The Great Transition," and secondly, the relational way
of understanding the elements of consciousness which give all of us the tools for
our own experiential learning and approaches. Simple scientific concepts of
dimensionality and energy (frequencies) point to the interconnectedness of
this-life and after-life.  With these holistic understandings, provided by modern
science and by teachers of consciousness, we (as has Ann) might overlay our unique
stories and participate in a life which discovers new perspectives, and brings more
fulfillment in the hectic present... Highly recommended as an experiential
supplement for those engaged in pursuing the Question..!

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