Monday, March 17, 2014

The Well

The Well

An ancient symbol
of sacred form
finds upward flow
imagined gushing
of fountain waters..
Her intense longing
with this vision
the very ground
of her being..
The woman knew
so it seemed
from her birth
this upward sweep
of spirit within..

Yet the fountain
her stories veiled
 her life shadows 
 long concealed..
Then that day
a traveler came
at day's noontime
at the well..
A kindred spirit
 in astonishment 
a missing resonance
pierced her heart..

As on other days
to her village she
 returned but Now
with playful sound
 her messianic notes
were formed..
And with fortune
the traveler stayed
 more stories unveiled
filling the village
joy's grateful tones...

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