Tuesday, October 8, 2013



By what door
might she emerge
from her fears..
Dark fears with
voices incoherent..
With deeper reach
an energy found
Her blackness
longing for white..
Voices now
Simple floating 
Calm Ecstasy
New creation... 

" I was introduced early to water. It was dark - floating... voices came and went. "What's ahead? I'm scared!" An emotional twinge grabbed me. " What is this called?" Fear? Apprehension? There is a ripple running through my body, highly charged like an electrical current plugged into an energy I am receiving from my source.  I suddenly feel a softening, a different something is being transmitted.  "It's okay, everything will turn out fine.  You are not alone.  Just float, float... The rest will just happen."
( My poem prompted by this writing exercise by my friend, Marge Z)

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