Sunday, October 13, 2013

Black Whole

The Pillar Institute
Stretch Program
for Monday
October 21st, 2013

We will view and
discuss the video
"Black Whole"
Nassim Haremein

Where:  MacKenzie Place
Corner of Union and Filmore 
Colorado Springs

When:  4 PM to 6 PM

"There is a physical place inside your heart that has a singularity. Your heart has a little cavity between the two ventricular, and that little cavity has the highest electromagnetic field of your body, and can be measured up to eight feet away from you; and that's the battery of life that keeps your heart going. When you die, that singularity is no longer present, and I think that is why there is a bunch of weight that goes missing when people die. The weight is the result of that singularity curving space-time, creating a gravitational effect that we call weight."

"In an infinite fractal of rotation, how do you define the center? Every point is the center. You are the center of the universe observing the universe from your very own center. Wherever you pick a point of observation in the fractal, that point becomes the center from which you're observing the universe. That point becomes stillness. Why stillness? Because in that point now, all the spins of the universe cancel out.… You need stillness to have a frame of reference for rotation… And that's how singularity occurs. Singularity is the point at the center of your experience of the universe, that is the point of stillness from which you're observing the universe."

-Nassim Haramein

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