Monday, July 29, 2013

Memory (David Whyte)


is not just a then, recalled in a now, the past is never just the past, memory is a pulse passing through all created life, a waveform: a then continual
ly becoming other thens, all the while creating a continual but almost untouchable now. But the guru’s urge to live only in the now misunderstands the multi layered inheritance of existence, where all epochs live and breathe in parallels… memory passes through an individual human life like a building musical waveform, constantly maturing, … often volatile, sometimes overpowering. Every human life holds the power of this immense inherited pulse: holds and then supercharges it, according to the way we inhabit our identities in the untouchable now. Memory is an invitation to the source of life, to a fuller participation in the now, to a future about to happen, but ultimately to a frontier identity that holds them all. Memory makes the now fully inhabitable.

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