Monday, July 8, 2013

The AA Secret

The AA Secret

AAA works too..
 ubiquitous battery
teaches much more
reaches far beyond
a trusted flash-light..
this small cylinder
plus on top
minus below
gold over black..
 opposite poles in
lasting conversation
each with the other..

In the conversation
Sage's parables reside..
remember the prodigal..
Buddy left early
took his pouch
a descent to AA's
darkened pit..
but gold above
finally grabbed his
scattered attention.. 
 return to AA's
gold we don't
need to mention..

Lessons profound
from our humble AA:
gold or black
are never alone
 cosmic conversation
we name
many poles:
heaven and earth
light and shadow
creator and creation
good and not-so-good..
polarity in Oneness
 the Secret..
at last we

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