Sunday, May 19, 2013



Memories of terror
a report of
childhood hearings
of this classical
words of despair
yet hope and praise..
music with tension
the foreboding drum
repeating four beats
reminders of fears
separations with tears..

How great will be the terror,
when the Judge comes
who will smash everything completely!

In modern moments
our searches scan
always for light..
the light we seek
under coverings
This Solemnity
seems our urging
finding our peace..
claiming a vessel
of rich wholeness
on that surface
with two sides...

Let eternal light shine upon them, O Lord,
with your saints forever; for you are merciful.
Grant them eternal rest, O Lord, and may
perpetual light shine on them
with your saints forever; for you are merciful.

Verdi's Requiem
May 18, 2013

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