Friday, February 1, 2013

I prefer NOT

My work yesterday
I pursued with fire..
 dead letters burned
letters with news
for countless intended
recipients Unknown..
news shadowed or light
these notifications of
paths NOT taken
met their end by
my flaming torch..
My role as destroyer
carried my reverie
ignited a wish 
a blessing and curse 
to finally know NOT..

My work today
new letters appear..
copying not burning
yet sorrows abide in 
 slow repetitive death..
I must rise
 stand tall
Find face and soul
in that wall..
I must proclaim
I prefer NOT..
this delicious word..
 freedom's choice
 tasted with short
 bursts of joy..

Facing my wall
searching for NOT
into emptiness flowed
a bright wholeness
of  letters and light..
but a price to be paid
for other's disdain
they are forgiven for
 not knowing NOT..
NOT holds those
 letters I've known..
Ah humanity...

Based on Herman Melville's
short story, "Bartleby
the Scrivener"

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