Sunday, February 10, 2013

Consciousness pursuit

the meaning
confounding sometimes..
it seems this morning
 a simple awareness of 
double dimensions..
 one named I
 the other Me..Me often 
poses as one's full name:
architect plumber wife
parent teacher homeless
these titles and more..
our rising and retiring
religions and science
joys and pain..
these names we know
yes 3rd dimension..

consciousness gently 
steps in and asks 
is there more to Me..?
the question pauses
waits for reply
often then departs
finding 3D living
quite enough for now..
yet the question persists
returning most often as
 these names we know
seem empty and stale..
perhaps this time
something new
yes 4th dimension..

not satisfied
still more to do..
the task pursuit
must now make sure 
both dimensions 
 3D found as edging
yes this new Shore...

The eye with which 
I see God is the same eye
with which God sees me. 
--Meister Eckhart 

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