Wednesday, November 14, 2012


we seem
on rising each morning
to plan our day
to choose best paths
for reaching 
each evening..

then we listen
as the wise ones say
our histories are
is not was..
time really eludes
maps with paths 
drawn before morning..

how then
might we choose..?
recognize the paradox
is this our real
and glorious

1 comment:

  1. Mae · 2 days ago
    Grand Plan

    A grand plan there may well be
    Beyond our reach, that certainty
    Accepting that it is unknown
    in ignorance our seeds are sown
    In suffering we strive to be
    surmounting all, creatively
    Our very passions by design
    Who watches us learns lessons fine
    Experiment, this Universe,
    Pray we are blessing more than curse.

    Stimulated by CharlesC poem 'Choices'