Sunday, November 11, 2012


all these years 
we have wondered
how his energy
is gained..
his lengthening life
those many details
swift literary command..

could an answer be
hidden here in front
of our eyes..?
a simple password
we've seen 
most recently on
that teeshirt in blue..

this strangest of words..
 more to be known..
the Chickasaw proclaimed
Split land their meaning..
but the Sole Proprietor
recall that pipe and mustache..

in direct opposition
saw slow water 
and drew his map..
this magical map
not geography not history
but somewhere between..
did he retain that Split..?

the Split remained as
dark territory below
chaotic and enclosing 
those good as deSpain
with rats named Snopes..
are we closer now
to a secret revealed..?

let's now recall
his penchant for maps
perhaps our key..
the story for him
without his map
was no story at all..
you probably have guessed..

this humble blackboard 
stands in clear disguise..
he rises quite early 
most eager to draw
a new Yoknapatapha.. 
our Friday map..
smooth water thus flows..

his secret now unveiled..?
can we now say what..?
sorry..most likely 
never and not..!

---CharlesC...Dec 2012

"History is not was, it is."
--William Faulkner

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