Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Old Halltree

much life observed..
its mirror
has reflected
over a century of faces..
a covered wagon
climbing Allegheny gaps.. 
arriving now
in its present station
decorated each season..
 now dressed awaiting
costumed children
with their bags 
of treats..

it has not always
joy and celebration
undoubtedly many sorrows
its mirror was shown..
taken for granted
many stored muddy boots
hats soaked with sweat..
a chair holding
warm garments
during cold winters past..

a mirror
must have a
dark back side
for its job of reflecting..
this mirror's darkness
composed of 
wet mud and dry dust
the wood encrusted with
 deposits of earth..
sorrow and pain
these layers are there..
darkness and glass
formed the mirror
we see..
the sun of mornings
as wagon wheels turned..
and quite soon
the laughter of children
on this Halloween..

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