Saturday, October 13, 2012


Some believe..
others seem to know..
there is..very close
another dimension
we are enclosed
if so
does a mirror
this new identity

A simple mirror
glass with black back..
but other combinations
may be preferred..
light and darkness
our sky and our earth
 these such oppositions..
and one more:
Does our mirror
both project and reflect..?

That we are
such a mirror
there's a special effect..
without our dark side
transparent we are..
shattering our glass
a black hole
of a sudden appears
absorbing not reflecting
our hidden light..

Might we now realize
each of us owns
our special share
of the dark..?
that our glass 
is un-shattered
is liquid and still..?
connecting all in
the light it projects
and we with joy
from our darkness

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