Monday, August 27, 2012

Topic:  "How do we separate truth from lies?"

Philosophical Cafe, August 28th, 2012


1. do you do it?

2.  Can you define truth?

3.  Is science a search for truth?

4.  What is a half-truth?

5. How does the internet relate to this topic?

6.  How about the political campaign underway?

7.  How do metaphor and mythology relate to truth?

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
Winston Churchill

A lie cannot live.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.
Bo Bennett

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
Adolf Hitler

Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.
Jimi Hendrix

Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
Vladimir Lenin

No one can lie, no one can hide anything, when he looks directly into someone's eyes.
Paulo Coelho

The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
John F. Kennedy

Economy does not lie in sparing money, but in spending it wisely.
Thomas Huxley

An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.
Pope John Paul II

Half a truth is often a great lie.
Benjamin Franklin

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