Thursday, August 23, 2012

docking station

we each have
our place to stand
a place always present
an aligned awareness
and sacred connection 
joining dark to light..

discovery comes first
then remembering..
forgetting is easy
each place is hidden
alignment broken..

sensing ones place
intent brings focus
a movement we notice
shapes in motion..
surfaces rising
then returning to
rise again..
a torus in motion..

watch the jellyfsh
its pulsing survival..
the web also instructs
animations in
splendid variety
this sacred movement..
become the motion
discover your own..

experience then
a gentle rocking 
centered and upward
to brilliant light..
light now filtered
shadow and pain

a docking station
now introduced..
awaits remembering
intention for use..
check the circuits
the cellular lights..
a new identity
now fully alive
ready connected and 
now to fly...

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